Pre-orders ... what is it and how does it work?

With NascarJolly it's easy ... two clicks and your desired item will be reserved.
... but now the details.

A pre-order can NOT made together with purchases of in-stock items and must be made always separately. Of course you can put several items from the pre-order category on one shopping cart and order them together.
Pre-order items are the manufacturers announcements which will be produced in the future.

Waiting times, up to one year, are possible. The availability dates are only an approximate indication of the manufacturer and not binding. For production related reasons the availability date can be weeks earlier or later. It´s also not infrequently  that popular models/paints are sold out before production begins.

NascarJolly offers you the opportunity to order the item you want as soon as it´s published to make sure you don´t must read the words "Sold Out" when the item appears.

The ordering process is very easy like normal online shopping. Put the item(s) on your shopping cart and when you complete your order, select the "pre-order" option. Your order is placed now and from that point you can see all activities on your customer account. Be not surprised, if no payments are due or charged for pre-orders during the checkout.

All you have to do now is waiting patiently. Don´t be concerned if nothing happens on the stated availability date. I promise that we will contact you by email as soon as items from your order are available. At this point you´ll be billed and you get a PDF invoice by email

We reserve the right to charge or ship the goods in partial deliveries for items/orders with different availabilities. Of course, we always try to combine several items to save the customer shipping costs. We can always communicate about such things by e-mail and make agreements. We always do our best to make our customer satisfied.
A last note …

Items marked as "PRE-ORDER" are confirmed with reservations, because the manufacturer does not guarantee production or delivery at this time.

If one of your pre-ordered items get marked "DNP" on your customer account during the waiting time, it will definitely not be produced and is cancelled by the manufacturer. In this case it can´t be delivered.

NascarJolly is happy offering this service to make customer wishes come true.

Finally it should be mentioned, that anyone who cancels pre-orders or does not pay when billed, will have their customer status changed, that they never can place pre-orders in my shop again in the future.