About us

I have been dealing with model cars for over 30 years now. So I still have a "collector heart" and the emotions and thinking of a DieCast collector are 100% known to me.

I started with Bburago models during visiting a petrol station. In the early 1990s, with the introduction of the internet, markets like the USA or Australia were suddenly open to me. The offers in Germany was constantly increasing due to new manufacturers. Scales from 1:18 - 1:87 were  available from the mid-90s in a large selection and extensive variants. At the beginning of 2000 my collection had reached a dimension that I decided to reduce again 

With the knowledge and passion I opened my online shop on the Ebay platform in 2003 with about 100 items from my own collection. With very good contacts in the USA, I had the possibility to procure almost everything what the modelcar and merchandise market offered. So I was able to expand my offers quickly and I could sell items that were not available otherwise in Germany. Maybe that made the "little difference" to other shops because I didn't just have "standard items".

About 10 years ago I switched my core business to DieCast models from American motorsports, because these were rarely or not available in Europe. I was able to steadily expand the range and product variety and establish further good business contacts with wholesalers and business partner in USA. At moment I have between 8,000-10,000 different items in stock.

Another step, and my dream of an online shop, was now realized in 2020.

Feel free to browse through the categories, discover the variety and maybe there is something suitable.

I look forward to your reaction and of course suggestions, suggestions for improvement, criticism or praise