When the checkered flag waves at the conclusion of any race, only one driver can celebrate a victory. While the Victory Lane photos are taken and the confetti flies, the other drivers in the field are left to tell stories of what could have been. Often, those stories are best told through their race cars. Through the damage, wheel marks, scrapes, and scuffs that occur with every turn on every lap, each car reflects the day that was on the track.

Sometimes, the story takes an ugly turn as contact with the wall or other competitors can take a car out of contention. Often the stories of the race don’t end with that contact, however. Though contact and damage may keep cars out of Victory Lane, teams and drivers often refuse to give up on the day. Tools, tape, and atremendous amount of elbow grease can fix these cars up enough to see the checkered flag, proving that only the toughest racers compete with the mantra,

“Checkers or Wreckers.” Lionel Racing, the official supplier of NASCAR® models, introduces a new production series. Behind are the stories of the cars, drivers and teams who ended races with damage and overcame adversity in the race, but did not reach Victory Lane. "CHECKERS or WRECKERS" is a new line of racing version models The die-cast will feature replicated damage, tire marks, repair tape, and any other markings that tell the car’s story of a wild race and the moments that wowed the fans watching along.

Lionel Racing’s team of artists will impeccably craft the die-cast to closely match how the car looked following the race. The “Checkers or Wreckers” line will feature cars that finished a race, but did not win. Race markings will be replicated on the die-cast through decals and through cutting the metal body to closely match the on-track car’s damage if possible with the available die-cast tooling. Each will also come in special “Checkers or Wreckers” packaging.

At NascarJolly of course every model from this series will be offered for pre-order and for sale.