Important information about the shop

19.10.2022 00:00


Dear collectors and customers,

Rising inflation, energy and living costs are sometimes forcing us to rethink. The next few months are uncertain for all of us, which means that we must primarily secure private supplies. All this is forcing the collector, but also us dealers, to rethink and to shift our financial priorities.

With this background, if we look at the price increase at Lionel, which is already fixed, the DieCast hobby becomes a lot more expensive.

So I have to make a decision that the whole thing remains financially manageable. A big factor for me is storage. With more than 500 1/24 models in stock and well over 2000 models in 1/64, you are very quickly in the middle 5-digit euro range.

So I need to find a way to reduce these costs but offer my customers and collectors the same service of getting all the Lionel paint schemes produced.

My decision is as follows.

Nothing changes in the 1/64 range.

However, there is one change with the 1/24 models, so that I save on storage costs.

Every, really every model (paint) that Lionel offers, I will continue to offer, BUT the purchase MUST be made by pre-order. I'll explain exactly what that looks like as follows.

As usual, I publish the news from Lionel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on my shop website in the NEWS section. After publication, the model can be ordered within next 14 days. I will then forward the received pre-orders for the respective diecast to Lionel and the car will then be SOLD OUT in the web shop and cannot be reordered at a later date. This ensures that every collector, as before, receives the model he wants, but I save on storage for cars I have ordered in excess.

So basically everyone only has to look once or twice a week to see what's new, decide if he want the paint and then pre-order

IMPORTANT is the period of 14 days after publication to place the respective pre-order.

I hope for your understanding, because I would still like to offer you the opportunity to order any desired model for your collection from me

Best regards